Scientific Paper Authors 

GRDI2020 are engaging with experts specialised in different aspects of data research infrastructure, e.g. security, storage, VREs, etc.. These experts are drafting papers giving an overview of some technological and organisation aspects surrounding their particular area of expertise together with an overview of the challenges and potential solutions in a 10 year time frame.

Name Scientific Paper Topic
Kevin Ashley  Data Quality & Curation
Christian Bizer  Linking Data & Publications
Leonardo Candela  Data Use - Virtual Research Environments
David FergussonTraining and Education
Aristide Gionis  Data Analysis
Matti Heikkurinen Funding, sustainability and governance
Erwin Laure & Dejan Vitlacil  Data Storage and Management
Diego Lopez  Data Security
Carlo Meghini  Data Preservation
Pasquale Pagano Data Interoperability (confederation, integration, fusion)
Mark Parsons Data Policy - Open Access
Gerhard Weikum   Data Discovery
Stratis Viglas  Data Provenance & Trust

The full version of the papers is available for download:  “Technological & Organisational Aspects of a Global Research Data Infrastructure : A view from the experts”