Working Groups

During the first year of GRDI2020 two Working Groups served as the framework for providing much needed contributions on critical technical and organisational aspects of future Research Data Infrastructures, such as interoperability, scalability, curation, and new forms of data access, or financial feasibility and incentives for user communities to contribute.

Each WG involved experts on relevant technological or organizational topics enabling the building of Data Infrastructures. The task of these experts was to identify a core set of crucial open problems for the development of DIs and suggest possible solutions. The main aim and outputs of the Working Groups can be thus summarised as follows:

  • Identify and advance understanding on critical organizational, policy and technical challenges related to the development of interoperating Global Research Data Infrastructures
  • Propose steps towards their solution
  • Develop reports and contribute to a roadmap towards interoperable Global Research Data Infrastructures

Technological Working Group Members List

Andreas Aschenbrenner - Goettingen University, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria & Technological WG Scientific Chair

Name Affiliation/Organisation Country
Tobias Blanke King's College London UK
Vincent Franceschini HDS FR
Jane Hunter Univ. of Queensland AU
Yannis Ioannidis Univ. of Athens/ATHENA GR
Pasquale Pagano CNR-ISTI IT
Mark Parsons NSIDC US
Andreas Rauber TU Vienna AU
Alex Wade Microsoft US
Christoph Witzig SWITCH CH


Organisational Working Group Members List

Matti Heikkurinen – Emergence Tech. Ltd, Switzerland & Organisational WG Scientific Chair

Name Affiliation / Organisation Country
Kevin Ashley Digital Curation Center UK
Jean-Bernard Minster International Council for Science ICSU-WDS US
Lee Dirks Microsoft Research US
Jessie Hey Univeristy of Southampton UK
Andrew Lyall EBI-ELIXIR UK
Enrica Porcari Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) IT
Alex Szalay Johns Hopkins Univ. US
Xialin Zhang Chinese Academy of Sciences CN